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Monday, February 22, 2021

What is *Enter the Writing Business*?

How do I succeed at writing? 

Most answers to that question focus on creativity ~ story development, character explorations, poetic contemplations, blogging topics, and more.

Business needs to be added to that list.

Refine the question ~ How do I succeed at the writing business?

Even our refined question can be divided into several.
A] What are the best systems for writers?
B] What are the best daily procedures?
C] The best ways to balance creativity and practicality?

These are the first decisions to build a writing business.

Think of writing as running a small business. Writers create content ~ stories, poems, blogs, any of our writing. That content is our product to sell.

As creators of quality products, we have a Writing Biz.

Imagine a writing career. What is the reality? No, not the fantasy. What will the actual day-to-day writing life be?

Daily writing requires that we find ways to cope with the soul-suckers who interfere with your creative energies.

Enter the Writing Business offers the reality of the writing career.

This guidebook is a series of posts on the daily creative process and the daily devotion to writing before it transitions to business decisions. We look at the necessary writing space then the essential hard and soft skills. To succeed, though, we need a business plan designed for writers. That biz plan will direct our daily actions, weekly plans, and monthly reviews and previews :: the Do’s that few consider until swamped by the constant Do-ing of them.

This guidebook is more than a tossed life preserver. With the practicalities discussed here, you can avoid the swim across the channel and build a bridge to cross from newbie to pro writer.

As part of the five-year publication anniversary of her first book, Edie Roones filled last August  with a blog series about these basic business decisions. The last two posts in the series chatter about the Hell and Heaven of Writing to answer every writer’s constant unspoken question: Is it worth it?

Most new writers drop out before the five-year mark. Edie Roones (a pseudonym of a professional writer who has published over 25 books) began her commitment to writing in 2012. “I’ve made mistakes,” she says, “but I’m seeing better results every day.” Avoid those mistakes in actions and expectations, and achieve success applying the lessons in Enter the Writing Business.

Roones’ fantasy series of Seasons in Sansward includes Summer Sieges, Autumn Spells, and Winter Sorcery. Write to Edie at

The other books in Inspiration 4 Writers are Just Start Writing and Write a Book in a Month.

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